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Technical and installation information

Where there are joints between flat surfaces and profiled roofing such as metal tile, corrugated sheet iron or sandwich panels, eg ridge or gutters, there are a number of gaps. To prevent wind, rain and rodents from penetrating the building inner structure it is necessary to close these gaps with profiled sealing elements. the sealing material can be cut so that it is suitable for every profile joint, including valleys, passes from one side of the gable roof to the other and gutters.

Profiled sealings are fabricated at slightly bigger sizes than the space they are meant for, in order to be compressed when installed.


The sealing products can be fabricated in a variety of shapes, resembling the configuration of different construction materials they are designed for: metal tile, corrugated sheet iron or sandwich panels.

Polyethylene materials are used for sealing fitting gaps and ensure protection against air, dust, and water infiltrations and an optimal installation, providing a correct ventilation of the roofing system components.

Installation specifications

When installing the sealing products, the surface of the base components must be dry, free of dust, grease and impurities. Climate temperature and that of the metal surfaces must be at least -5 degC and at most 50 degC. Take account of the position that every sealing product was design for (gutter, ridge, wall or roof elements, rooflight spacers for sandwich panels etc.).

Sealing products can be fabricated to match every profile and must be correctly positioned to ensure a perfect fit of components when tightening the panel locking screws. To prevent the sealing elements to brake free from the joint, the screws should not the excessively tightened. Our products do not require a special maintenance.

Technical specifications.

The expanded polyethylene based sealing products we fabricate are flexible materials, obtained through chemical expanding process, with an enclosed cellular structure with closed pores which provide thermal, sound and water proof properties as well as a low water retention capacity.

Our sealing products are stable in humidity conditions and resistant to solvents, grease, oils, alcohol, bases and acids. The usage temperature is between -60 degC to +90 degC.

Sealing products are manufactured in white or dark grey color, depending on the color of the boards they are cut from. The thickness of the boards range from 20mm up to 40mm and the density range is 30 kg/m2 or 33 kg/m2.

Quality standard

Our products are manufactured using an ecological technology (no Freon) and have better mechanical properties than polyurethane foam, which do not have an enclosed structure. The raw material is technically licensed for thermo insulated and sound insulated boards according to the current EU standard SR EN 14313/2010 and fulfill the requirments of Bill 123/2007 regarding construction quality.


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