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Sealing for metal tile

Sealing materials


They are made of expanded polyethilene with crossed-links type closed pores, that prevent over-ventilation, penetration of dust, birds and insects as well as snow and accidental leaks.

There are three types of sealing profiles: for ridge, eave and valley.

Sealing for corrugated sheet iron


Used for sealing around the surface of the roof valley or eave, based on the configuration of the sheet.

Profile seal


Used for sealing of loose spaces at the ends and sides of sandwich panels.

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Quality standard

Our products are fabricated from polyethylene (EPE) made in Romania and EU, obtained by chemical expansion, with a closed cellular structure. Raw materials made in EU are licensed for thermoinsulated and soundproof boards in construction under license no. 007-03-025-1997 and expanded polyethilene materials made in Romania are licensed under no. 002-03/320-2003.

technical info

Company profile.

SELIRON stands for a great experience in the production of sealing materials for all types of metal tile, corrugated sheet iron and sandwich panels from the major manufacturers.

We have grown to be a leader in the sealing industry, offering sealing solutions for the entire range of roofing materials with products that satisfy the requirements of architects, designers and builders.


Sealing profiles

Our products

Spacer sealings for sandwich panels rooflights.

Rooflight sealings are fabricated on our production line from a high-density material, for added UV protection.

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Self adhesive sealing ribbons

In the case of sandwich panels, all joints must be sealed throughout their length with a self-adhesive ribbon.

Acrylic sealing ribbons

From this product range we manufacture the 8mm expandable bitumen impregnated acrylic ribbon (expands up to 40mm).