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Seliron products

Our products

We can fabricate any type of sealing products for metal tile, corrugated sheet iron or sandwich panels for elements with small, medium or high line or technical profiles (depending on the technical sheet).

Also, we supply the following products:

  • universal sealing profiles (plain adhesive coating, triangle shaped);
  • self adhesive sealing ribbons - 10/20/30/40/50mm wide 3/5mm thick;
  • water-resistant bitumen ribbon – dimensions: 15/30cm by 1000cm;
  • 8mm expandable acrylic bitumen ribbon (expands up to 40mm)

Our products are fabricated from polyethylene (EPE) made in Romania and EU, obtained by chemical expansion, with a closed cellular structure. Raw materials made in EU are licensed for thermoinsulated and soundproof boards in construction under license no. 007-03-025-1997 and expanded polyethilene materials made in Romania are licensed under no. 002-03/320-2003.

For sandwich panels

Our range of products for sandwich panels is made up of the following categories:

  • Sealing ribbons
  • Spacer sealings for sandwich panels rooflights
  • Profiled sealing elements

Sealing ribbons

Foiled ribbon comprised of a strong adhesive bitumen layer, covered with aluminum foil, highly resistant to environment conditions.

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Distantiere luminatoare

Spacer sealings for sandwich panels rooflights

They ensure a fast installation of rhe rooflights and help reduce the gaps between the structure and the panels.

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Elemente de etansare profilate

Profiled sealing elements

Theu are used for sealing the gaps at the ends and edges of sandwich panels.

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For metal tile

The absence of proper sealing of a metal tile roofing systems causes water to infiltrate in the attic as well as an excessive ventilation, which can result in the deformation of the roof by damaging the grid. In severe weather conditions (such as strong wind, storm), without the sealing profiles, water will infiltrate and reach the weakenst points of the roof system.

Metal tile sealing profile

The solution?

Our products prevent most of these phenomenons, so that the roof tile remains structurally intact and you enjoys it's comfort. For this reason, the quality of the materials must be technically licensed and approved for construction applications.

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For corrugated sheet iron

The sealing profiles for corrugated sheet iron are divided into three categories:

  • For corrugated sheet iron with small line (between 19 and 24 mm)
  • For corrugated sheet iron with medium line (between 25 and 56 mm)
  • For corrugated sheet iron with high line (bigger than 57 mm)
  • Technical profiles
Profile de etansare tehnice

Technical sealing profiles

They ensure adhesion to concrete and create large openings due to the height of the profile.

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Etansari pentru cute mici, medii si inalte

Small, medium and high lines

Sealing profiles of variable height for corrugated sheet iron.

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