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Corporate identity

Seliron has become an industry leader in the production of sealing for metal tile, corrugated sheet iron and sandwich panels, offering sealing solutions for the entire range of roofing materials, satisfying the requirements of architects, designers and builders.

Profiled elements are manufactured from expanded polyethylene (EPE) made in Romania and EU, obtained by chemical expansion, with a closed or open cellular structure.

Our product range contains sealing ribbons comprised of a strongly adhesive bitumen layer, covered with aluminium foil, that are very resistant to environment conditions. We can fabricate sealing elements for all categories of metal tile, corrugated sheet iron and sandwich panels from the major manufacturers.

SELIRON means rich personnel experience in the production of adhesive ribbons and sealing elements. Ever since 1999 we provide the best sealing solutions to our customers, constantly improving our product quality and offering a large variety of specific accessories needed to ensure the correct installation and quality of metal roof systems. We provide technical support for choosing the best solutions according to customers' requests.

Currently our technical equipment include two production lines and distribution centers across the country. In recent years, SELIRON's priority has been equipment improvment and personnel according to the standards set by the EU guidelines, and now has some key attributes, such as:

  • Production equipment in compliance with EU standards;
  • High quality materials;
  • Qualified personnel;
  • Large production capacity.


Our clients

We have been successfully manufacturing sealing products for 15 years, for the major fabricants nation-wide:

  • Arcelor Mittal Construction Romania
  • Megaprofil Buzias
  • Dialust 2000 Impex
  • Lider Plus
  • Olint SRL Radauti
  • Pomigarom
  • Borga Construct
  • Plastsistem
  • Depaco

We thank all clients for their trust over the years and we commit to continue to constantly improve the quality of our products, in order to even better satisfy the most demanding needs of our clients' needs.


Contains information about our company, products and their civil and industrial applications.

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