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For civil constructions

CNC machining on milling machines (router) - computer assisted milling

We offer computer assisted milling on 2D contour as well as volumetric milling using CNC high precision equipment to manufacture unique items, prototypes or parts in succession.

Basically, through computer assisted milling technology we can achieve any geometric shape that can be expressed in 2D and / or 3D. Our equipment enables cutting, milling and engraving of a huge range of materials such as:

  • plexiglass
  • PVC
  • wood (solid wood, chipboard, MDF)
  • polystyrene
  • polyethylene foam
  • clingherit
  • metals (eg. aluminium)
  • any other type of material suitable for milling

litere volumetrice din polistiren extrudat

Volumetric letters from extruded polystyrene

Signaling locations using volumetric letters from extruded polystyrene is the most convenient option for signage, both indoor and outdoor. The price/quality report is good and the visual impact is very high. Installation is very easy, most often being enough to use double-sided tape or special silicone for polystyrene.

These polystyrene letters are suitable for signaling locations such as: offices, supermarket districts, exhibition stands, hotels, motels, hostels, etc.

The colors used for polystyrene volumetric letters are well defined and, depending on their destination, the paint can be for outside or inside use.

ambalaje tehnice din polietilena

Polyethylene technical packaging

Technical packaging made of EPE polyethylene foam provide a special protection against mechanic shocks and scratches both during storage and especially during transport. Depending on the application, there are different densities and colors used. For electronic products a raw material with ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), insulating and dissipative conductive properties is used, protecting against electrostatic discharge.

The advantages of foam based packaging are multiple: they are lightweight, flexible and elastic, antistatic, they hold no dust, have a high resistance to impact, moisture and chemicals and are 100% recyclable.

profile de protectie pt. transport din polietilena
profile de protectie pt. cutii de prezentare

Profiles and corner protection from polyethylene

Profiles and corners from polyethylene foam can be used to protect the edges of furniture, wood panels, the packaging of electrical equipment (eg. measurement and high precision control devices) and electronics (a special field of application is the music industry and audio equipment), boxes and presentation casings for additional protection during transport or storage.

Garnituri din clingherit

Clingherit or rubber seals

Garniturile simple din clingherit pentru flanse sunt executate din materiale non azbest, pe baza de fibre aramidice, cu grosimi cuprinse intre 0,5 si 5 mm. Garniturile se realizeaza conform dimensiunilor sau desenelor furnizate de beneficiar.

Clingherit simple seals for flanges are made of non asbestos materials based on aramid fibers, with a thickness between 0.5 and 5 mm. The gaskets are made according to the dimensions or drawings provided by the beneficiary.

Prin frezarea computerizata se pot obtine ambalaje tehnice, semne (toata gama de obiecte signalistice de interior si exterior), litere volumetrice, logo-uri, placute inscriptionate, elemente de mobilier, de design interior, subansambluri montabile, etc.

Using omputer assisted milling we can manufacture technical packaging, signs (all types of indoor and outdoor signage items), volumetric letters, logos, printed plates, furniture parts, interior design, collapsible assemblies, etc.

gravura pe metal - nichel, aluminiu

Computer assisted engraving on various metals

Engraving is the process of printing a drawing on a plain base which can be plastic, metal, metallic ABS, wood. In most cases the material's surface is flat, but we cand also engrave on a curved surface.

Designing technical models

Any new project starts from vector drawings or sketches, CAD 2D or 3D models. If needed, in case the customer has only handmade sketches or pictures, we can provide auxillary services, preparation, and converting the sketches and pictures into vector based informartion, to be later sent to equipment we work with.